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Quick Overview

  •  Quick Shine Formulation.
  •  Clay Lubricant.
  •  Shine Booster.
  •  Water Repellant.


PG Quick Shine Detailer (500ml)

Perma Glass Quick Shine Detailer is a quick shine formulation to keep your car paintwork always shiny, water repelant and easy to upkeep. It can be used by itself or as a lubricant for PG Wonder Clay. When use with Wonder Clay it will restore your car to a smooth and glass finish.
Formulated with specialty waxes, natural oils, silicone and conditioning emulsions blended with UV inhibitor. This provides a non-messy way to clean and restore  your dashboard back to showroom condition. For leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber.
  • 1. Sake well before use.
  • 2. Wash the car with PG Concentrated Car Wash and rinse the car. Before wiping to dry, spray PG Quick Shine Detailer, wipe dry and buff to luster.
  • 3. When use as a lubricant, after washing and rinsing, spray PG Quick Shine Detailer and start claying section by section. Move and glide the Wonder Clay up and down, left and right. While doing the claying feel the car surface with the other hand to make sure the contaminants are removed. Rinse and dry car surface then buff to shine.

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