Yàn Society was incepted in 2015 with a simple idea - that is to supply quality bird's nest conveniently to any location in the world.

As we are enjoying the many benefits bird's nest brings, we would love to share this once precious ancient beauty recipe only enjoyed by the royalties in China with you. Not only have we wanted to make it easily edible, but reasonably affordable for you.

At Yàn Society, we believe that good health is the best asset one can have in life, and hence we aspire to provide the best and most exquisite bird's nest to you.

Yàn Society Bird’s Nest are 100% hand-picked with HACCP, ISO22000 and HALAL certified.

100% pure and genuine without any additional ingredients

Not bleached nor chemically treated in any form

Free from colouring, additives and preservatives

Strict quality control and safe packaging
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