Featured Brand: Langit

With Asia being the largest producer and consumer, rice is one of the most important crops in the world. In Malaysia, rice is a crucial part of everyday diet. Malaysia produces 80% of what is consumed and that means there is a lot of Malaysian brand rice but no one does it better than Langit, a homegrown brand that focuses on improving livelihoods of farmers in rural communities.

Langit, led by four founders, produces different types of grains from white rice to job’s tears including black pepper and ginger. They are trying to educate consumers about how rural farmers can produce such quality products. Each product is unique because it tells you the background story of its origin for example, how some grains are only planted in certain areas. Langit also focuses on the Borneo paddy plantation because they want to help overcome the pain faced by the rural farmers in Sarawak. Faced with oversupply, lack market access, and unfair pricing, these farmers find it hard to make a stable earn of living. Langit offers to help Sabah and Sarawak farmers develop a sustainable economy and sell their produce to a much larger market in Malaysia.

This homegrown brand is one of a kind because of its mission in bringing a sustainable economy to the local rural farmers and we are honored to have this brand on-board with us! Now you can help support these farmers by visiting BuyMalaysia.com and try out their amazing grains and spices! Don’t miss out!


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