Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuyMalaysia?
BuyMalaysia is an online marketplace focus on local made authentic products.
I would like to sell and list my product on BuyMalaysia. What should I do?
Seller needs to fill up form via online with all documents attach and wait for buyMalaysia approval. Once approved, the seller must comply with all agreement and proceed to give us the product information.
What product information I should give and any format details?
Seller should give us product information in excel sheet by stating

i) Product Name
ii) Product Code ( if any )
iii) Single Product Pricing ( include GST ) to be listed on BuyMalaysia
iv) Bulk Product Pricing ( eg pricing for purchase 10,20,50 or 100 unit )
v) Product Weight
vi) Product Link ( optional ) if you want us to pull product data from your own website.
vii) Product Photos in separate zip folders
We will send you a template example to avoid any confusion.
How should I give you the product file?
The seller can send us the product file via email. If the file is too large seller can upload to google drive and let us download.
Do I need to upload product myself?
BuyMalaysia will handle all product upload on behalf of seller. It is seller responsibility to constantly update us on stock status as well as pricing changed.
Do I need to handle customer service myself?
BuyMalaysia will handle all customer service and act as a middleman to resolve any problem between seller and buyer.
Is there any Registration Fees?
BuyMalaysia do not charge any registration fees, everything is free.
How much are the transactions Fees?
Transaction Fees varies for different merchant based on their product, we will liase with merchant personally on such profit margin negotiation.
Is there any other fees like payments transaction fees or hidden fees?
There will be payment fees of 2%.
Do I allow selling used item on BuyMalaysia?
BuyMalaysia do not allow selling any used item.
How long can I received the order items as a customer?
Customer are expect to receive order items within 2-7 workings days for west malaysia and 2-10 working days for east malaysia.
As a merchant , is there any fulfillment period ?
Merchant must fulfillment item within 2 workings days or else it will subject to termination as stated in agreement.
How do I receive settlement and how long is the duration?
BuyMalaysia will perform settlement 2 weeks after However, BuyMalaysia have the right to holds fund if we found any suspicious and fraud activities.
Does GST applied for all product ?
Everything is GST inclusive.
Is there any operation hours ?
Orders placed after 6pm or at the weekend including public holidays will be processed the next working day.
Can I use my own shipping provider or I must comply with BuyMalaysia shipping rules?
You may use BuyMalaysia shipping provider Parcelpay or you may use your own delivery fleet.