Pressing Matter: The Alphabet Press

When we talk about notebooks and stationery, there is nothing extraordinary comes to mind. The Alphabet Press (TAP), a company specializing in traditional letter-pressed stationeries including calendars, cards,  TAP went on to produce various local-flavored cards, postcards, notebooks and even a limited edition game that features antique lead types, a further nod to their love for letterpress. The company’s services are a godsend for locals looking for something special and personalized, as well as expatriates and tourists looking for souvenirs.

The Alphabet Press is one of the brands that pioneered the art of letter-pressed in Malaysia. Their products are always the go-to for millennials who look for something different. TAP is famous for its notebooks that create a luxurious feeling. The craftsmanship is very intricate and detailed hence why the process is a time-consuming process. They do custom-made cards and you might think it is a bit pricey for just cards but with its time-consuming process and the details being put into, it is all worth it. Customized corporate stationery is also common to TAP.

But you can get the ready-made notebooks from TAP. They create beautiful letterpressed notebooks that look sophisticated and suitable for all occasions. Whether you want to use it for school or work, it will always look presentable. It even suits as gifts. Interested? Just visit BuyMalaysia and order one now!

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