Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest (Sugar)

* 150ml per bottle
* Each bottle contain 12gram pure bird’s nest, purified water and rock sugar
* Storage: Keep in cool and dry place. Once opened, please refrigerate and consume within 14 days. Please refer to the bottle cap for expiry date.
* Weight: 0.3kg

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Product Description

– Bird’s nest consist of a very important peptide hormone known as Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which rejuvenates cells, making your skin glow and counters the effect of aging.
– EGF aids tissue growth and hastens the process of body repair. Repairs wound quickly and promote healing, eg, after child birth and post surgery.
– Healthcare for mother and baby: Bird’s nest contains among the highest content of sialic acid which is useful for the development of brain cells and membrane, immunity against infections and development of their digestive system.
– Improve respiratory health: Cleanses and nourishes the lungs. Regulates the respiratory system and relieve ailments such as cough and asthma.

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