Bio Aktivator (1L)


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Grow your crops the GoGrow Kitosan way! Get the best out of your produce and reap all the benefits!

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– Increases the sprouting of seeds
– Anti-fungal and anti-pests
– Earth fertilizer
– Growth elicitor
– Bio-Natural poison
– Treats crop diseases
– Increases the resistance and immunity of the crops
– Complete crop care
– Cost effective
– No chemicals
– 100% organic
– Non-toxic

– Lessens up to 50% on the usage of organic or synthetic fertilizer on crops
– Increases crop harvests of at least 20-30%
– Increases crop quality
– Increases the resistance and immunity of the crops against diseases (fungi, virus and bacteria) and also anti-pests
– Suitable to be used for any vegetables, fruits, flowers and so on in nurseries, farms, orchards and so on
– Can also be paired with any other fertilizers, vitamins, hormones and medicines without disrupting the effectiveness of the said stimulators
– Reduces the dependency on the stimulators

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