The Milkshop – Soap Basket (7 Soaps)

Get the best of handmade artisan soaps from the Land of Borneo with The Milkshop! 7 types of soaps consisting of Tea Tree, Lavender, Golden, Roselle, Bamboo, Honey and Aloe awaits you!

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Product Description

What You Get:
1) Tea Tree
2) Lavender
3) Golden
4) Roselle
5) Bamboo
6) Honey
7) Aloe

Local organic natural oils, locally grown herbs and plants, and fresh Sarawakian goats milk are used to produce range of Goats Milk Soaps from The Milkshop. Their soaps are handmade using the cold pressed method. The herbal extracts and pure essential oils are carefully selected to soothe and moisturise your skin. They are the only ingredients that give colour and scent.
These soaps are suitable for all skin types. You can use them for bathing, as shampoo, razor bars and even as facial bars. They are gentle yet moisturizing. For long lasting use, ensure they are stored as dry, cool and airy as possible before and in between use. Recommended to be used with a well drained soap dish.

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